Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Salina Hot Bread, Sunshine

Salina Hot Bread, Hampshire Rd Sunshine                $3.50

This is a funny little place in sunshine that does battle with an up market version only 2 doors away and despite being the ugly duckling of the 2 it is always busy (a good sign).
Very good pork roll!!
Allot of things going on in this one, i counted around 6 meats the usual pate' and mayo combo as well as special sauce made it pretty tangy and the rare shallots is a nice surprise. The bread is really good but was almost overcooked, it didn't "shatter" but was still crunchy enough to cut your gums!. The chilli in this one is by far the hottest i have come across.. awesome roll for just $3.50

Bread: 4/5 
Salad: 3.5/5
Meat:  4/5
Chilli: 5/5

Overall  8.27 /10 Viet Piglets choking on chilli

Ingredients: Lots of meat, pickled carrot, spring onion, coriander, purple onion, dried shallots, special sauce, mayo, pate', slice of cucumber, chilli

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