Saturday, 12 May 2012

N.Lee, Collingwood

N.Lee 220 Smith St, Collingwood $4

A tasty pork roll no doubt about that, but unfortunately the street cred far outweighs the true substance of this one. I probably was not wearing enough op-shop clothes to get the nod of approval from the pork roll team at N.Lee but this visit was strictly business. It is a neat and efficient but westernised hot bread bakery that has lost its true sense of home. Bread was soft and chewy like a McDonalds bun and focused more on the mayo and pat'e as the centre of attention. Although it had excellent salad, Ho Chi Minh would be disappointed.

Bread 1/5
Salad 5/5
Meat 2/5
Chilli 2/5
Overall 5.5/10 raybanh wearing viet pigs on fixed gear bicycles

Ingredients: Mayo, Pat'e, 2 types cold sliced pork, pickled carrot, cucumber, coriander, brown onion, chilli, soy sauce

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