Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Nobel Bake house, Footscray

Nobel Bake House, Paisley St Footscray           $4

This place holds a lot of sentiment for me, as this is the place that started my love of Banh Mi nearly 20 years ago. So I hope it's with no biased opinion that I say this is one of Melbourne's BEST!.
The place looks horrible, is hardly noticeable and the ladies are not the chattiest but damn they have a fine tasting roll. I even went this time on a public holiday so I'm pretty sure the bread wasn't the freshest and it still scored high.
Although it's not advertised on their list of roll's my father and I order a "special roll" as this is what it was called when we first started going there. A special roll is simply a mixed ham style pork roll with a hot meat ball smeared inside. The trick with this place is, it seems to be absolute randomness as to wether or not you receive the meat ball or not. It just seems like if they couldn't be bothered doing the meat ball... then no meat ball it is!. For the record it's much better with the meat ball but still one of Melbs best even without it (this review was sans meat ball)
So having said all this I'm not going to describe what it tastes like but invite all (especially the Nhu Lan lovers of Footscray and N.Lee hipsters of Collingwood) to try and compare to your favourite. If you disagree with me then I will happily fight you.

Bread: 4/5
Salad: 4/5
Meat: 4/5
Chilli: 4/5

Overall:   8.75/10 sentimental Viet Piglets

Ingredients: 3 Meats, pickled carrot, sliced cucumber, chilli, coriander, mayo, special sauce (no photo of actual roll)

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  1. If you disagree with me then I will happily fight you.

    Ha! I love your reviews