Thursday, 28 June 2012

Tina`s Hot Bread, Preston

Tina`s Hot Bread, High St Preston $3.50

Not bad work from young Tina but room for improvement. Soggy salads, good pat'e, good meat and bread was decent. A little to much raw onion for some but I was not complaining. Generous salt and pepper with a kick in face of chilli, this pork grenade was a real creeper. The thing with a creeper is it gets better and better towards the end, once all the sauce and juices have soaked down to the last bite of bread. Preston certainly has some Pork Roll establishments the community should be proud of.

Bread 3/5
Salad 3/5
Meat 4/5
Chilli 4.5/5
Overall 7.8/10 hard to find a car park viet pigs

Ingredients: Mayo, Pat'e, 3 cold sliced porks, pickled carrot, cucumber, coriander, raw onion, chilli, soy sauce, salt and pepper


  1. Going to try this today. If it rates higher than Mai Lan I'm going to have to change teams.

  2. @big boy socks, it totally depends on the mood your in and even the mood the pork roll maker is in!

  3. Hi there, love your blog! I tried Tina's banh mi after a life of Mai Lan. I have to disagree on this one and stick with Mai Lan.
    MIne was OK but the sauce was too sweet and not enough pate